Free Verse # 219 (wine of wines)

My poems
like nocturnal kisses
overshadow your body,
fiery wings fluttering,
circling you tightly
and moving closer
in an eagerness
to be doused in your bare skin,
in you to become coals
burning bright as stars
and filling you with the heat and light
of the love I hold for you
in the mystic deeps of my heart.


In her short skirt,
The sun, along its edge,


Drawing near
She placed her mouth
Against his ear
And a fountain
Of incredible warmth
Within her bubbled,
Surging unstoppable
Words like hot wine
Rolled from her lips,
Flowed serpentine
Like a dancing poem
And, entering his blood,
Sighed into him
Her deepest dreams,
The visions entwined
With her very life.

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