Free Verse # 220 (between you and me)

Inhaling the dawn
I exhale your name,
and at the moment
where my breath dies
I become the vessel of silence
pouring with your wine,
filling with the clarity
of your pristine eyes.



As the sky holds the earth
he held her into him,
his kiss into her forehead melting
a vaporous stream of wine.


Her eyebrows –
Two swords
Set above eyes
Blooming as a full moon,
Into every heart, cutting.


Between you and me
This passion is like a skin,
The flesh of poetry heaving –
A sea of electricity,
A blue sky of dawn.


As water to a sponge
In his presence
She felt herself soak into him,
Drawn inside-out by a force,
An openness in him
Making her flow naked, whole.


In the aftermath
of their lovemaking
the starry sky laid in ruin,
stars in debris falling,
dewdrops to soak
into the earth’s aching skin.


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