Free Verse # 232 (the other sky)

The back of his fingers
caressing her cheek
course, slowly,
to tug her hair behind her ear
then fall gently to her neck,
pulling her into him
to melt her in a kiss.
below her skin
his touch quivers,
in the house of love
a divine poem unfolds.
To know you as the wind knows the curve of the sky.
His intimate gaze
swept over her
as though it were a twilight
blanketing the sky
Pure as a wilderness untouched by man their love grew, white, pristine.
Off the shore of dawn
a ship in the water,
my heart and yours sailing
to the other sky.
My poem
a weave of silence,
a gauze,
through it one can gaze
into the deeps of her eyes,
the ocean of her heart,
her each curve a flower,
her each breath a sky.
Her body an ocean, a continent, and I a sailor, a traveller, ever roaming the curves of her water and land, lost in her sky.


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