Free Verse # 239 (an inescapable tyranny)

Into love’s forest let us flee
Just you and me;
Amid the burning trees
Letting our hearts run free;
Our flesh in coitus weeping
O eternity.


Her lips trailing my skin
A vaporous stream of wine;
Her hair
A flow of fiery whips.


Reading her in braille,
Each touch etching a fiery letter
In her womb to melt
And from her lips to flow,
A watery moan.


She stood there
A pillar of smoke
Against the dusk sky,
Slowly fading
To become the silent presence,
The breath encompassing all of life.


Travel as far as he can, her scent an inescapable tyranny.


We touched
And all the words were lost,
Vanished like dew
In the vapour of our kiss,
Melted like lava
Along the curves
Of our merging limbs.


Against your bare skin
Like a dark sun I quiver,
Burn parched with desire.


So deep into the poem they sailed
They forgot she was wrought of words
And, lost in each other’s souls and bodies,
They quivered like a star, inaccessible to the world.


In me I cradle her
As the sunlight holds the silence
In the very heart of dawn


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