Free Verse # 244 (she is the silence)

As silence in the dawn
Her scent in me lingers,
Sacrosanct, ineffable,
Welling up from the face
Of the divine heart,
The core of mystery.


Ripe and mellow,
A summer fruit
Hanging still
To autumn’s branch,
I bask in the memory
Of your crimson touch.


She is the silence
And her heart
A secret dawn inside


Words come to me
As on a windless evening
Dewdrops drip
From a clear, starry sky,
As at dawn
Silence churns
From the hidden face of light.


As the stars at dawn
with incredible gentleness are drowned
in the trickling surge of light,
so my love aches to engulf you.


I will live, I will die, and the sky will be the sky.


In her dark hair
The moon
A jasmine flower


He kissed her
And in his lips foamed
With the hunger of the oceans
For the primal land


a cold mistress
sneaking into my bed,
her limbs
a snake rattling
against my bones,
her kiss
a bitter fire
frying my soul.


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