Free Verse # 245 (silent ecstasy)

In the silence of the night
my poem a weeping river
reaching for your ghost hand


His poem
a scarlet letter
with his own blood written,
in countless ways
always spelling her name.


Along her neck curved
the light of the nightsky,
the world, a crescent moon.


Let this poem be
On her shoulder a flower
White with ecstasy


from her hair falls
the way dewdrops rain
from a clear sky;
night falls
and the earth,
drowned in her scent,
becomes a ripple
silent with ecstasy.


Like roots through the earth
Your touch through me spread
Claiming my veins which, henceforth,
Carry your blood, your flame.


All through the night
my poem
a candle-flame weeping,
sobbing silently
for a caress from her breath,
a dance upon her face.


She is the great song in whose heart the silence buds each dawn.


by the touch of your shadow
as the night-soaked flower
feeling the sun’s breath
opens up whole


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