Free Verse # 247 (hecatomb of desire)

Reaping my sighs
on the altar on her absence,
sharp the moon’s sickle
in the sea of dawn.


Hecatomb of desire,
caught in her scent
a thousand flowers
melting to the floor.


The sea at dawn,
a peaceful child
lulled on the bosom
of his tender mother.


In the garden
where silence
is flower and fruit
for her I wait,
my heart against her lips
weeping to be the dawning sun,
the cup of sacred wine.


Dawn’s breathless shiver,
upon my cheeks
the dew of silence.


Wielding your breath
as though it were a flame
you burned all my poems
then into the ash wept
a sacred tear and lo!
my heart in dawn’s sky
a secret garden.


Under his fingers
her skin quivered
as the surface of the sea,
leaving him drenched
in salt and foam
and a yearning to sail
for eternity.


Drenched in his breath
the layers of her heart
he slowly peeled,
revealing the silence
vibrant at the core
of fluxing life.


The gray of dawn was an ashen cloak beneath which she hid a thousand burning suns.


Thirsting for your sea ~ my dewdrop heart.


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