Free Verse # 248 (gathering her smiles)

Well of silence,
your each whisper
in me finds home
as a star in the sky.


As a parched summer I am
nostalgic for the wetness
coursing her crimson lips


Brewing in her eyes
as far over the sea
a storm to drench my soul
in the waters of poetry


Here I want to live,
here I want to die
embracing the seasons
as they turn the sky.


I, an endless sea—eternally changing, eternally in harmony with itself.


Her smile
on his lips danced
as though it were a star


In this silence
I persevere,
a leaf falling
through endless skies.


All these stars
freckles in her skin,
along her curves
poems burning,
the forest of the nightsky.


The night
a ship of ghosts
all whispering her name


Gathering her smiles,
fragrant flowers
in the melting vase of memory,
their petals
the breath of dawn,
the hues of the dusk sky.

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