Senryu # 80

،وردة ربيعية
على وجهها
.شعاع الفجر

Rose printanière,
L’éclat de l’aube
Sur son visage.


Wandering Thought # 26

The circle is vicious when, in the relationship between man and woman, the focal point remains power—the dominance and submission of one side or the other. Feminism drew on patriarchal energy when, in a shoot for equality, it asserted women’s right to power too, to dominance. The paradigm shift happens with the shift in the focal point—not power, but a form of relatedness centered along spiritual and soulful lines. The turn out is that dominance and submission lose their holds as needs and outlooks upon the spirit in whom the shift takes place. Here are the all too tender beginnings of love. Ludicrous, when you come to think of it, the things we have to overcome in order to reach the threshold where love on intrapersonal and societal lines becomes a possibility.

Free Verse # 253 (cœur débordant)

Tumbling off hills and mountains,
cutting through fields and forests,
all rivers are extensions of her hair,
nocturnal waters flowing, flowing,


Aube ; le poète, cœur débordant, sème la joie du jour.


Under every stone,
with every sighing leaf
and murmuring stream
the forest dreams her,
a silence painted
on the face of the sky.


I lost my way
and now the riverbed is dry,
filled with rattling bones
and pebbles lamenting the memory
of once being submerged
in the water that flowed
from her abundant heart.


I know her the way childhood’s landscapes forever burn in the memory, bursting with infinite longing, a vague and endless search for the warmth of home.


Come to me,
spill your all into my verdant heart,
give me your blood and honey,
your thorns and petals,
the gray, the white, the dark,
and all the mystic colours
of your shivering breath and body,
flow into me the way the earth’s rivers
seek to merge with the eternal oceans,
journey endlessly, home…


He held her into him,
a boundless shore swaying
against his infinite shore.