Wandering Thought # 26

The circle is vicious when, in the relationship between man and woman, the focal point remains power—the dominance and submission of one side or the other. Feminism drew on patriarchal energy when, in a shoot for equality, it asserted women’s right to power too, to dominance. The paradigm shift happens with the shift in the focal point—not power, but a form of relatedness centered along spiritual and soulful lines. The turn out is that dominance and submission lose their holds as needs and outlooks upon the spirit in whom the shift takes place. Here are the all too tender beginnings of love. Ludicrous, when you come to think of it, the things we have to overcome in order to reach the threshold where love on intrapersonal and societal lines becomes a possibility.


4 thoughts on “Wandering Thought # 26

  1. As a complement I’d like to add that pure love needs freedom to thrive. Dominace and submission are its antithesis, although love may exist under those conditions like a neglected pot plant on a window sill refuses to fade.


    1. I found that love accepts all kinds of play and can emanate from them but that the opposite is not true. Freedom is freedom to be and become in the open acceptance of love’s house.


  2. a dance…..between light and dark. Roots upon Roots, yet free to reach the heavens independently, becoming freely entwined along the way. Each must stand before each other fully naked….mind, body, soul. Then one can love truly.

    Your writing captivates me.


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