Haiku # 141 (to Sarah)

This being human,
a rattle of bones
shivering in the wind.


Frozen teardrops,
through my heart
a cold wind blows.


Fog over the river,
through the mist
a bird’s shrill cry.


Heart rent,
through the dark
teardrops falling.


Fading sun,
in my heart
a growing sorrow.


Rose of benediction,
in your cheeks
a garden grows.


Sarah's Flower in Batroun, 17 Jan 2015

By your grace
in winter’s heart
flowers grow


A few months ago Sarah bought seeds from China via Ali Express. We planted them for her once they arrived. They were growing well, green leaves, and flower buds about to blossom. Then a harsh storm came. No leaves remained. Still, a few days later, after the storm, a bud blossomed, yellow and bright like her loving face. Sarah is a person who transforms everything around her by her presence, transforms it by the power and grace of her love. Sarah’s love makes everything around her blossom into greenery and flowers. By her natural flowing light she warps the universe around her into a fountain of grace. Sarah is a love no winter can overcome, no death can annihilate. Sarah is a love deeper than life and death. And I love you with all my heart.

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