Free Verse # 257 (this poem we are)

As a sailor at sea
he read the imprints of her skin,
each freckle a star
in his ear whispering:
‘this sea is your home.’


Her body
A garden soaked
In the kiss of spring
And my fingers
Bees fluttering
From flower to flower,
Gathering her nectar,
The mead of poetry.


His heartbeats
on her collarbones hewn,
dewdrops of poetry,
droplets of a sun
at dawn raining.


Kiss me
the way a dewdrop
into the ocean falls
in the silence of the night


Our meeting place,
a hidden wood
which trees are forged
from the fires of our longing –
our exchanged breaths
in our chests weeping
like wild tender flames,
lightnings igniting
the oceans inside,
a flame becoming the womb
birthing our oned bodies,
this poem we are.


a candle at dawn praying,
her flame dancing
in breathless surrender.


The fire of love
Within me burns
Reducing me to ash
At the feet of the Beloved


2 thoughts on “Free Verse # 257 (this poem we are)

  1. This is the most beautiful poem I have ever read. You have achieved something here that reflects the economy of words of Japanese verse and infusing it with a universe of emotion. The kind of poem one wishes is about you.


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