Free Verse # 259 (we dived in, returned no more)

She smelled of dark rain
and endless nights of longing
where the candle-flame
upon her face swayed
the rhythm of his love


With her breath
I embalm my ribs,
inside of them feel
the heaving of her soul,
an endless sea
drowning me, taking me,
there where silence is whole,
there where each wave
into my skin whispers,


As the candle-flame
Caresses the darkness
So I long to fill you


I met her on a rainy day
by the lonely shore,
and by and by
all the things I never said
flowered in her hands,
became a garden smiling
as she kissed my soul.
We then took off our clothes
and the waves welcomed us,
folding us into the sea.
We dived in,
returned no more.


his kisses in her flesh flower
exhaling the scent of love

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