Free Verse # 262 (one poem at a time)

Ballad of a spring-flower
embracing the dawn –
her lips submerged
in the first sip of tea.


As stars into the shore of night
she sank into him,
his opiate breath seeping
into every fragment of her being,
consuming her,
a moth in his flame.


Pulsing with your light
my heart has always been a beacon
guiding me like migrating birds
to my eternal homeland,
your breath, our love.


The luster of dawn
upon her waving white skin,
a world drunk on silence.


Sculpting her,
one poem at a time;
her breath
the ardent essence
of each flowing line.


Raining heavy;
the raindrops
in my heart
a scurry of lines
etching your name,
the curves of your face.


Through the seams of silence
her voice comes to me
fragrant with the sighs
of the flowers at dawn
to fill my heart
with the waves of her sea


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