Free Verse # 263 (a love made whole)

All the sap of my life
squeezed into a single poem,
its mesh lit and sustained
by the fire in your soul.
Burning it whispers
a love made whole.


Her waterfall hair
Upon his body
A poem gone mad


Igneous fusion
of two hearts
into a calm ecstasy
pulsing stillness
in dawn’s blue heart


All these poems I write you
during the long day –
little winged birds,
fireflies I send
hoping to cross your way.


Soft edge of dreaming
where her face
is the timeless pool
in which everything reflects,
the oneiric reality.


Night waxes dark,
in my being
the candle flickers
the endless hues
of your warm face.


Alone I travel,
a fire bird burning
in the sea of night.

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