Free Verse # 265 (into her arms I fell)

Her limbs
like infinite rivers
tangled the landscape
of his endless longing


In the hot tea the imprint of your effervescent lips.


Into her arms I fell
as rivers tumbling to the sea,
and in my descent
I reached the height of being,
in my falling I rose
higher than the sky.


I remember you
the way a seed
fallen into the earth
remembers spring.
A knowing so deep
blossoming at the touch
of a single drop of water.


The fragrance of her silence I gather into a poem made of light.


The scriptures of her skin –
in his touch a poem unfolding
endless rays of light.


She who beats deeper in me than the pulsings of my own heart; who soaks me more wholly than the quiverings of my own blood.


Photo by Michael Färber

In the hollow
of her collarbones
I wept my poems,
at dawn they flew
into the puddle of the blue sky,
white birds singing
eternal love.

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