Free Verse # 267 (beyond the farthest star)

I kiss her
like the sea
rehearses his song
in endless endless waves.


Eyes closed he kissed her,
tenderly, religiously,
as though she were a river of mist
coursing through the night.


Night came
and dressed me
in the colours of a longing
for a face I’ve never seen
yet has always burned in me


Alone at night
Listening to the wind
Chiming a hymn
To a forgotten face,
The face we all
Shall one day be.


Passing through the sieve of love
his heart became a poem
whispering her name
beyond the farthest star


She entered him
and felt herself being engulfed
by an earth made of rain,
soaked full to her bones.


In a world made up
of words and clamour
you are the poem
which silence holds my soul


She watched him write
and, somehow,
felt the tip of his pen
move along her skin,
etching, bleeding, burning,
turning her into a poem
seared in the mist
of his endless longing,
scribing her in his heart
like a star in the fur of night.

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