Free Verse # 268 (the poetry of our kiss)

I catch your silence
upon my skin
in endless dewdrops,
each an ember
burning its way to my veins,
there melting into poetry.


Framed by your silence
this poem grows,
in your fragrance
her arms swaying open,
skyward cast like a birdsong
rising in your light.


Hiking through the
forest each leaf sighing
the fragrance of her name


The hot tea
upon my lips awakens
the imprints of your sighs,
the poetry of our kiss.


Our fingertips touched
and the homecoming winds
sweeping through our hearts
breathed into our merging worlds
the warmth of eternal love


Her light
Touched my heart
And I opened to her
Like a flower at dawn
Welcomes the rising sun


Photographer, Benjamin Cosson
Photographer, Benjamin Cosson

In the silence of the night
she felt him in her
blossom into a flower,
a perfume burning
all the darkness inside.


Take me, she whispered, the way the river carries the leaf to the sea.


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