Free Verse # 272 (I carry you in me)

I carry you in me
a womb birthing me forever


You are gone
and my heart is a tumult of memories
in endless waves rushing,
breaking on the white shore
of your eternal absence.


Eternally glowing
with silent stars
the nightsky
is the flower
of your sleeping eyes


On the lips
of each autumn leaf
a whisper,
spring is in my heart.


Scattering the voices
of those who once were
the wind whispers,
all is transient,
all is passing.


You went away
yet into the mist
I keep sailing,
deeper and deeper
in search of your face,
aching for a voice
now in the realm of memory.


Sarah Mhanna
Sarah Mhanna

Your hair a lion’s mane,
Your smile the sun in her splendour,
Your heart a boundless ocean,
Your presence the embodiment of love.

2 thoughts on “Free Verse # 272 (I carry you in me)

    1. Maybe, but nothing takes the pain away. I feel her absence more and more every passing day. Every day my sorrow grows. Words fail me when I try to think about this, about her…

      Thank you for your kind words and presence my friend.


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