Free Verse # 273 (reason in a wild flight)

She looked at him
and all the fires of the world
pooled into her eyes


Let the waters flow,
an ocean of stars heaving
amid our bare souls.


She responded
to his presence
the way the dewed flowers
after a long night
open up to the sunlight,
exhaling again
their simple majesty.


In his chest
her each breath he holds,
a poem, a flower,
a love growing tenderly.
In his eyes you can see
where he holds her,
how deep,
how in him she lives,
in every breath,
in every beat of heart.


Fluttering amid my poems
night is a dark butterfly,
the stars off her wings falling
to rain through my memory.


Tonight, as every night,
he is the poem of stars
budding inside of her,
alighting her flesh from within,
drowning her in hope and mystery.


To the bee the world
is the flower’s beating heart;
my being is the bee
whose world is her heart.


My poem
a jar of fireflies
breaking at the feel
of her breath in the air,
a thousand stars travelling
to sleep in her heart,
to sleep forever.


So long as autumn and spring
dance their dance
in endless whispers
you’ll breeze
inside of me.


A rainbow in the night?
Touch her heart and you’ll see
Reason in a wild flight.


Like a fish in the water
with each breath
her salinity fills my blood


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