Free Verse # 274 (the sea in nimble motion)

Like honey in hot tea
she melted into him,
becoming the blood
of his poetry.


Like autumn leaves
my poems fall,
curled in the breath
of your eternal silence.


His invisible touch
Envelopes her
As full of him
She arches,
Mad and quivering,
Birthing a sea of stars.


Seared by loss,
knowing how fragile it all is,
with shaking hands
he held her kiss
and filled with the throb
of fear and awe
he wept in the rain.


He longed for nothing more
than delving into the forests
of her dreaming eyes,
lose himself in the corridors
of their burning silence.


She is the sea
in nimble motion,
burning rainbows
rolling out from her
in endless waves,
lashing the world mad
into sweet poetry.


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