Senryu # 102

Even when I die
the air touching my skin
will weep of longing


Where are you, Sarah?

My sister slept and the crows
came to ask cawing in my ears,
Where is she? Where is she?
And I could only answer with tears,
and I could only answer with fire in my throat
and an unbearable mountain
weighing down my chest,
a wail finding no shore,
an endless stream of memories
clawing at my skin
and hurling me into the sky
formed by her smile,
I could only answer with vagrant eyes
and an uprooted heart
now a feast for crows
cawing without respite,
now a feast for a flame
burning, burning…

Free Verse # 281 (the garden of her smile)

Black as the night the rain falls
effacing all my poems,
liquefying their bones
into breath and shadow,
creatures prowling
the deep dark of the sea.


Like salt to the sea
the fog of autumn
clang to my skin,
fangs of dew
deep inside clawing,
melting me into a cloud
now vanishing without a sigh.


He braided her hair
into moonstreams
that coursed in silence
over the sleeping earth


A tear constantly
lingers on my cheek.
Each dawn a bird comes,
drinks of it and whispers,
promising he’ll go
and lay it on her cheek.


In endless circles
you move in me,
birdsongs rising
to brush the sky,
prayers soaking
as water in the ground,
and all through I grow
bud like fire
along the curves of your lips,
burst like flowers
in the garden of your smile.