Free Verse # 276 (in one tangle of our breath)

On his tired face
her shadow fell,
sunlight soaking
like water through the ground.


Through the window crack
a cool breeze flowed in
stroking her neck,
shivering her body
in ripples aching
to etch her fire
deep into his skin.


A single drop
knows the ocean’s secret,
in one tangle of our breath
the universe and its stars.


Painting by Dorde Prudnikov
Painting by Dorde Prudnikov

That oceans in a gaze
can be exchanged,
swelling to overflow
and carrying them,
bare and embracing,
to a world of their own.


I love small flowers –
the simplest feelings
and purest dreams
in their shadows grow.


I wander within a dream
that cannot remember
its beginning or end –
like a star it whirls
in the deeps of her eyes.


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