Free Verse # 277 (searching for your limbs)

At night
into the nocturnal sea
I cast my hands like nets
searching for your limbs,
aching to pull them into me,
plant them in my shore
and start a fire,
an effervescent poem
scattering embers for letters,
burning sighs inscribed
as stars in the sky
as into one another we fall,
deepening, merging, melting,
a raging flame opening
to the silent heart of dawn,
quivering with the ineffable tune,
the calm ecstasy.


Soften my skin
she whispers,
candle-wax stroked
by your burning flame,
a supple white sea
under your fingertips waving,
a canvas you tame…


The fragrance
of her hair, her skin,
a savage wind feasting
on his burning sighs,
consuming him to the core.


Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown

The dance of two –
a winged song waving
the face of the sky.


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