Free Verse # 279 (searching for your eyes)

Like a dark bird
her hair flew into the night
its black wings folding
the entire world


Whiskey river
harnessing the night
and flowing,
a honey flood
of silent kisses and stars
carrying my boundless fire
to your hidden heart.


Cut deep into me
and have no mercy,
my heart (this red grape)
was forged to be crushed
on the altar of your love.


Every day mingling
a little hope and despair
into a love potion,
a winged verse,
a poem in a bottle,
in sea and sky set
searching for your eyes.


Dirt under her nails
and dust in her hair –
she has been gardening again,
cultivating her poem,
lost somewhere on the other side.


If I be an animal
then I am a poem,
shining in the darkness
of her solitary eyes.


Her touch cuts
into the water of the sea
and from the wounds
the gushing foam sings
with the molten blood of stars


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