Free Verse # 280 (nomad song)

Silence dries
and I linger,
a brown moth
courting the flame
where I once died,
where I once kissed
the red of her smile.


Etched with tongue,
laced with fingers –
his each thought
under her skin explodes
like a carnal burst of stars.


Her eyes
two fervent stones weaving
dusk into the sky,
a silken fragrance
in endless scarves falling,
shadowing the earth
like an eternal cry.


Through your skin I travel,
an autumn wind,
a caress of dewdrops sighing
as they fall through her sky.


Your breath
plays me like a flute,
its moans fading
into the silence of the sky.


Her red lips –
a poppy filled to the rim
with opium and wine,
a chalice throbbing
to pour into his soul
the depth of her life.


Her thirsty skin –
salt aching
to melt in his sea


Strummed by the roaming wind
upon the evening wind I drift,
a nomad song finding peace
in the fragrance of the night.


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