Free Verse # 282 (enwombing each other)

Walking under the stars
as the moonlight
carves into my bones
the fires of your name


Inside of you, inside of me,
we grow in each other
like a seed in the ground,
enwomb each other
like the enveloping sky.


Who told the tree
to send her roots deep
and grow into the sky?
Likewise, inside you
I sprout and unfold
driven by an instinct
older than time.


One coin from you
is worth
all the world’s treasure;

I take your silence
for the world’s music,
I take your presence
for its wildest pleasure.


There’s no rest
except in the moments
when my eyes, sinking in yours,
merge with the sky.


Tannourine, May 02, 2015, My Photo
Tannourine, May 02, 2015, My Photo

I open to her wonder
and words fail me,
a dry riverbed
tasting again
the beloved’s lips,
her beauty filling me
skin and bones,
melting me inside the river
flowing from her womb.


The forest of poetry
in a single seed lies dormant,
one teardrop from your soul
and it flourishes, blazing
all ancient secrets, painting
all hidden dreams.

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