Free Verse # 286 (wander with me a little longer)

This longing writes me
in ever flowing verses,
verses in endless rivers
coursing for her shore,
aching to melt
in the ocean of her womb.


The deeper I flow into her
the wider grows her womb,
the tail of my comet sprinkling
a shining trail of poetry.


Their bodies tethered
by an invisible thread,
its pulse more vibrant
than a universe of stars.


Feeling her breath
flowers blossom,
seeds in the soil
shake and begin to move,
lovers long separated
find their hands again
clutched as one.


I hear your voice
and my bones
like leaves in the wind
shiver and sigh,
fill with an ache to travel,
get lost in your sky.


Where the river ends
the sea begins,
the rest of this poem
you can only read by melting
in the waters of her sea.


Wander with me
a little longer,
an old flame still flickers
in this ashen heart.


I am a poet –
the butterfly
that finds my flowers
will sip her fill and fly.


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