Free Verse # 291 (I write to her)

Solitary wind
prowling the empty streets
at dusk…
a lonesome poet
goes wandering
into the fading sun.


At dawn, at dusk,
the solitary bird
follows his lone star,
his song scattering
like rain over the earth,
echoing through the sky.


Unchained the song flows…
a wave of leaves
blowing through the sky.


Come, butterfly,
the sun has blazed a road
high into the sky


the leaf takes her secret
to the other sky


her first kiss…
in autumn’s mist
a white flower


All the flowers
one whiff from her hair


Like water in the earth
her gaze sank into him,
jasmine flowers drinking
the moon’s liquid light,
exhaling a perfume
filling the earth and sky.


Calmness of dawn…
the last breath of stars
dewing from her hair


I write for her,
not for a past,
not for a future,
but for a present
ever billowing inside of me
like the white sky at dawn.


I write to her
with a pen dipped
in my own blood,
and these words
red and hot
laugh like birds
clamoring at dusk
then fade in the dark billow,
amid the dark waves
glow like stars
carried toward her endless shore.


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