Letter, July 04, 2015

Love has shaken my house, a bird flung time and again by his mother into the open sky. Love shook my being to its very core, and now I wander the streets like a river flooding from door to door, and sweeping, in its onrush, the world’s voices and images, burning them inside of me into the voice and image of you, the radiance of your countenance, the glow of your face. Love uprooted me and with a stern hand it threw me into the fire, laughing in cruel delight. Now I wake, a dewdrop on your cheek, a star in your hair, a freckle in your skin, a grain of incense burning in your censer, exhaling the fragrance of your name into the clear dawn sky. Now I wake, and wakefulness and sleep, willed and unwilled, darkness and light have merged into one, a total transparency of being before your surging light, a simple harmony unfolding me from the tapestry of your silence, the warmth of your breath. All from you proceeds and to you all things return, and I, with all things, grow and die, am birthed and rebirthed countless times from the core of you. Love vanquished me, with a burning foot crushed me to the point of annihilation; and here I am, at this moment, a poem ending itself in the ocean of your breath, a dewdrop dissolved in the rain of your absence.

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