Free Verse # 293 (the fountain of all life)

روحي بروحها امتزجت
كذوبان الملح في البحر
فلم يبق مني ومنها
إلا صوت السكون في الفجر
وضوء فوق موج الخلق يتلألأ
نافحاً الحب في البشر


Her breath
dawn’s fragrance
on my parched lips,
a rain of dew waking
the flowers in my heart.


As it burns
the flame whispers
of your skin and mine
mingled and merged,
into dawn burning
the fervency of one.


Circling him
as he lays over her,
with every exchanged breath
opening deeper and leading him
to the fountain of all life.


My heart
a forest of hollowed bones;
the passing wind
plays each like a flute,
its tune a jasmine-voice
strumming the world’s harp.


She slept
and all through the night
his voice into her dripped,
dewdrops soaking her skin
and heaving,
a sea of ecstasy
aching to be filled


Pure sunrise…
her eyes a radiance
free from sadness


Cursed be the poet…
a white fragrance seeps
from his shadowy voice


Poetry without words…
our kiss dissolving
all metaphors into wine


Artist Elise Boysaw
Artist Elise Boysaw

Where am I?
In the whiff of your fragrance
Like a moth inside a flame
All sense of direction is lost,
And place is placelessness.

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