Free Verse # 294 (Sur les rives de ses lèvres)

Sur les rives
de ses lèvres
le murmure des eaux
d’un éternel poème


Coursing for his earth
her limbs moved
as waters amid the hills,
supple in their flow
like a flock of birds circling
the sun at twilight.


Her shoulders…
two hills clad white
with dawn’s breath,
their softness a poem
marinated in silence.


No more to life
than a breath
shared in dawn’s nest


Rolling down her neck
his sigh of dewdrops,
the scatter of dawn
in his breath sowing
all the flowers in one.


We danced…
two fireflies
courting a flame,
our kiss, our death…


وحيد كزهرة
لم تجد في هذا العالم
الا كتف الليل
لتتكىء عليه
وتهمس في قلبه
طهر أنفاسها


Between us
the ebb and flow of a sea
larger than life itself,
charged with more stars
than the cosmos could fathom,
stiller than dawn itself


,الفجر يحييني
في رحم السماء
,لا أرى سوى عينيها
ضياء يغمرني
,كقبلة من ماء
وها أمامي العالم ينبثق
كطائر فينيق
.من نار أشعارها

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