Free Verse # 296 (touching her in forgotten places)

Enveloping her skin
light becomes a fragrance,
a mystic cloud of desire,
wisps of smoke
charged with dewdrops
invading the ether,
pheromones scattered
soaking the green earth
and calling, calling him…


In every poem I glimpse her
as she weaves herself in me,
breath, blood, and flame
subsumed into her essence,
a river in her sea.


Rhyming with her breath,
the last flicker of a syllable
dissolving in her fragrance,
an ashen echo growing verdant
once more in her flesh.


Of sentience
what does she now know?
He touched her
and his touch
reduced her
to a shivering flame
scattering moans and sighs
as she dances singing
his wild name.


Of love’s taste she knew
the macerated ache
between their lips


Reflecting from her skin
light seeps a liquid red,
a flow of wine filling
earth and sky,
flooding through her pores
in burning rhymes.


between us…
a bridge of stars


Breathless silence
between our lips…
dewing clouds of stars


He touches her
in forgotten places
and stardust scatters
gathering in clouds
then turning into nebulas
in her skin birthing
a cosmos of love,
poems in endless waves
lapping at her heart,
shivering her womb
for the lava of his lust.


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