Free Verse # 297 (leading him, leading her, home.)

She is his web,
Weaved of secret breaths
In the deeps of his soul,
Of star shadows
And twilight shawls
The world has never known.
His web…


He loved feeling her in darkness
for the stars in endless clusters
in her skin under his fingers glowed,
leading him, leading her, home.


…but love is different, it makes a heart whole and takes it home.


In her most solitary hour
She found him in her
Naturally glowing
Like a moon in the sky,
Claiming her like an offering
On the altar of love.


All the rivers of his life
converging in a poem…
rose of her cheeks


He touches her heart
and suddenly
existence is all lips
fastened to her skin,
lush curves of fire
grazing, smoking, drinking,
decanting her in him.


His hand in hers
as her voice
in his ear falls
soft as a star
in night’s meadow sighing
breathless words of light


He gathered the night
in her dark hair
as the river of stars
down her skin poured,
breasts aglow like moons
in his shadowy sea of lust.


Waking up,
The salt of her dreams
In my eyes burning,
In the darkness two souls
Merged into one.


Between her words
I find myself
Scattered like dewdrops
Amid the breaths of dawn


He unraveled her
the way silence
unfolds the dawn
and home became a breath
in her chest
rising and falling
to the rhythm of his soul


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