Free Verse # 298 (surrender…)

His touch
a comet trailing
through her aching skin,
its sprinkled embers
singing her soul
with melting hues of want,
shivering her like a flame
in the hearth of poetry.


Sweeping through him,
A whirlwind
Scattering his words
High in the sky,
A full moon
Reducing him to silence
In the contemplation
Of her eyes


a voice in my heart whispered,
then all the universe became
the shadow of her smile.


Her smile
is made of a fire
distilling the essence
of his poetry


What am I?
Longing made balm
and filled with a boundless ache
to rub and dissolve
in the fiery surf
of her moon-weaved skin.


I live at the tip of a fountain
constantly flowing
from the radiance of her smile


،يا حلم في قلبي نام واستفاق
،شمس نارها تكوي الأحزان
،نور شعاعه يحيي الألوان
حياة نبضها في القلب قلب
.أوسع من الحياة


A vein to the heart,
a river to the sea,
continually we touch
wherever we move or rush,
feeding from each other’s blood,
living in eternity.


I need you
the way darkness needs the light
to discover its own heart,
the immeasurable space
where it moves and throbs
creating endless galaxies.


Bring me to the silence
Of a moment in your heart


Night in her eyes…
a sea of stars whirling
the life in my heart


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