Free Verse # 300 (to the heart of the unknown)

Night strokes my skin
and my bones ache,
melt into rivers of fire
flowing for her shore,
poems travelling
to the heart of the unknown.


His yearning breath
circling her neck…
shawl of twilight


She touched him
and a mariner
stranded on land
finally began
his long journey home


I exist in the space
between her breaths,
amid her heartbeats,
as the silence that hails
poetry from her lips,
from her eyes the dawn.


I sleep ~
her sighs
fall through me
like pebbles
stirring the waters
of my dreams,
stars, comets,
in me whirling
an infinite sea,
filling me
with the fragrance
of eternity.


Light is nothing
but the unfolding of her face;
light shedding itself
in tremulous waves,
each revealing
an unfathomable depth,
a starlit landscape,
in each cleft and nook,
behind each rock and tree,


Her leonine perfume…
a forest throbbing
with endless stars
aching to be stilled
by the light of his dawn


in naked wisps of stars
along the curves
of her tilted neck


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