Free Verse # 301 (this wordless silence)

From flower to flower
I kept fluttering
following the trail
of your fragrance
until I realized
that you are the presence
submerging my whole


We kissed,
this poem
amid our lips humming
a bee inside a flower
gathering honey
in the honeycomb of our heart.


A heart more open
Than the sky at dawn;
This wordless silence
Flowing white with love.


I meet her…
the explosion of silence
in the mouth of dawn


Brushstrokes of silence…
the waters of dawn
welling from a touch


At dawn I woke
my ear on the pillow,
each echo of my heart
sighing your name.


Firefly madness…
night in her hair
a sea of stars


Cupping her hair…
a nocturnal waterfall
flooding with stars


Sifting the air
for a ribbon
of her breath


Tangy erotica…
his thirsty mouth,
her fervent wine

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