Free Verse # 302 (how music is made)

As for my life
it begins and ends
on the hidden curves
of her shore


Poem of fire
in her flesh weaving
the sun for a nest


Twined at the artery
that pumps fire
into the sun
our flesh shivers
as the seams of our skin
melt and merge,
oned, a being of light
exuding poetry.


Smearing her lips…
the nectar of a poem
bloomed in the sun


Photographer unkown
Photographer unkown

How music is made…
bodies entwined
like crescent moons,
their light quivering
the soul of the night.


Wearing her kiss…
one crescent moon
at a time


By my window
the candle flickers,
its whispered breaths
birds of fire
roaming the dark night,
their flaming wings
etching in the sky
the way leading you home
to me…


Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown

In her navel
the dewdrops of dawn
he gathers,
a fountain
of tender moss and milk
softer than the light.

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