Free Verse # 308 (stealing her breath)

Autumn morning…
in the distance
smoke lulled
by the cool wind,
a farmer tills the field
as birds in the tree clamor,
behind the grove
a running stream murmurs
and I feel her in the air.


tracing the cosmos
in the deeps of her eyes


Stealing her breath
his mouth became
the breather
keeping her alive…
…alive yet burning,
a flaming wing etching
the breadth of his sky.


As the Phoenix
from our ashes we rise,
rebirthed again and again
on the altar of our love,
burning, a self-sustained fire
singing the whole sky.


I wait for her
like a flower awaits
her inner light to burst


Windless eve,
all my thoughts pooling
in puddles at her feet


All his passion
a grape
cradled on her tongue
then crushed,
fire surging
down her throat,
flooding her veins,
incinerating her heart.


One layer at a time
peeling the shadows
off her heart
while staying focused
on the light inside,
her radiance,
her dawn.


In waves she rushed
back and forth,
and he waited for her
receiving her
with the patience
of the wide open shore.


On her lips
he polished his breaths,
honed her tongue
to a lightning of stars.

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