Free Verse # 309 (give me everything)

Wrapping her lips
around his poem,
one verse at a time…


She slept
as her breath
folded its wings
in the nook of his neck,
from this nest inhaling
the sustenance of life,
the water of dreams and love.


Washed in your silence
I have become a lotus,
each white petal
flung open in praise
of your eternal sky.


In the curve of her neck
my tired breath sleeps,
a bird in his nest,
a fire sobbing silently
in the deeps of the night,
sobbing into her flesh
the ache of my heart.


Still moment of twilight,
her voice rising in waves,
coaxing, calling, sobbing,
laying her being as a question
on the door of the sky.


Give me everything,
your tears,
give me everything…


His poem
a heart-shaped flower
pooling all her smiles


He held her…
all the stars a puddle
in the crescent moon’s lap


In her
all my rivers
into a sea

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