Free Verse # 311 (poetry in hushed breaths)

but her breath,
the silence in her eyes


One caress at a time
liquifyingher skin
into a sea of ripples,
wine, milk, and honey
pouring in my cup.


Poetry — a breath fading into the softest hue of dusk and raining back, stars.


His touch anoints her
grace embodied,
a fountain of light
surging endlessly,
filling the world
with the incense
of a honeyed sea


In bed
laying next to her,
her hair desert dunes stretching
wider than the sky,
each a breaking wave
frothing with stars.


Each night
her flowing hair
rakes the stars in puddles,
pools of liquid flames
weeping over the earth
poetry in hushed breaths.


Few words
one brushstroke
a whole sky


Our fingertips touch
and night in endless leaves falls,
each a poem
each a star
floating on the surge
amid our beating hearts.


His heart broke on the shore of every hand he touched.


And so she wanders
butterfly of the night,
lonesome amid stars
burning cold and bright.

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