Free Verse # 312 (a dawn within a dawn)

Her name amid my ribs
the swell and surge of fire,
a hushed breath imbued
with the fragrance of dawn.


Just so
from the first touch
their hearts
in one another
a dawn within a dawn


The light shivered
and my heart ached
seeing the sobbing flame
paint her face
into a sea of shadows


The flame submits to the flesh that fuels it, the honey, the wine, the oil.


Her eyes
wells overflowing
with the water of desire,
nimbus moons
his oceanic fire.


a solitary flame
on the window
of the night


He slept
feeling her warmth
flow next to him,
all through the night
a river of fire
sobbing tenderly.


She sleeps,
my kiss
a star-bird
behind her ear,
spilling into her
a fragrance of light
softer than the dawn.


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