Free Verse # 314 (our little moments)

Enter into my heart,
a moth unlocking
the secret of the flame
becoming flame itself,
a light so pure
it cradles all of life.


my memories
and with her fragrance
again weaving them,
a tapestry of stars
revolving in her heart.


I look at her
and my eyes quiver,
a pond beholding
the endless rain of stars.


I bottle the sun
in poems
I send sailing
through the sea
of her skin,
their liquid light unfurling
on her hidden shores.


Towards her
my being strained
like a moth to the flame,
like flowers to the light,
like the stealthy dew falling
in the hour of twilight.


Her breath…
mists of dawn
encircling my heart,
their dew a balm
cooling my wounds,
nourishing my blood.


I was once a poet
then I touched her
and my words became flowers
hanging from hair,
stars burning
in the cosmos of her eyes.


Our little moments…
moonflowers sighing
on the cheek of night


Jet of fire…
her hair a comet
blazing through the sky


Her hair
a dark tune strumming
the cords of night


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