Free Verse # 315 (under her pillow)

My unwritten words
in her eyes blossom,
jasmine flowers…


Waking to her voice,
a hushed whisper
on the breeze of dawn,
basil and jasmine
caressing my skin,
kissing into my lips
the pulse of her heart.


Under her pillow
each day he left her
a poem burned
from the fragrances
of their pure love


The dew of dawn…
under her pillow a flower,
a jasmine in her hair.


This yearning…
a moth carrying the flame
to the wildest sky


Petal by petal
in my palm
unfurling her breath,
lotus flower.


Pointe de flamme…
mon amour frémissant
au-dedans de son être,
troublant sa mer
en vagues infini,
chacune un oiseau
volant le ciel d’aurore.


Poet of the heights…
flying alone
between clouds and stars


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