Free Verse # 319 (he made love to her mind)

To the best of my abilities
I fashion my being,
a temple for her grace,
the tread of her foot,
the gentleness of light
pouring from her face.


I write so that one day
all my words would be liquefied,
a balm igniting
as it rubs your skin,
a wine clamouring
as it tastes your lips.


Staking his claim…
kissing her heart open
across a lifetime


In the night
she no longer waits
for the moon to shine
for his lips
through her navel
pressed it
to live in her womb


Drinking her up…
one craving
at a time


In the grip of passion
they flickered,
a flame in the dark


Fog caressing my skin…
the shadowed words that once left
the harbor of her lips


Into the mist she went,
a poem searching
for her port of call


He made love to her mind
and her body surrendered,
a flower blossoming
to the touch of light.


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