Free Verse # 322 (he longed to unravel her secret)

Nocturnal rain…
our love flowering
deep in the dark


the kiss I planted
in the crook of your neck
a bird shaking
the dew off his wings
and breaking into song.


Inking her skin,
each flick of the pen
an anchor
falling to her soul,
rooting her, freeing her,
allowing her to unfold.


He longed to unravel her secret
yet like a poem she kept leading him
deeper and deeper into her essence,
the hushed whisper of her soul.


Photography by Roberto Gioli
Photography by Roberto Gioli

The length of her back
a roaring sea,
a canvas of dark waves
in each shaded breath screaming…


Rain falls
and I think of her
the way a wanderer thinks
of a lost homeland…
an absence so deep
it sears the whole world.


Photography by Artur Kos
Photography by Artur Kos

My teardrops
on her collarbones
poems in her body
a cradle of fire,
the love ocean
where I am born.


Night falls
and I miss her,
my heart overflowing with ache
for the touch that once was,
that will forever be.

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