Free Verse # 323 (in the lonely crowd their eyes met)

In her touch
a thousand years of sleep
fall away like dew


At dawn
the flutter of her heart
in mine,
two birds
on the world’s edge
tracing their own sky.


This poem…
the annulled distance
between our bodies,
our breaths interlaced
for a moment baptized
in the waters of eternity.


Rain falls
and my solitary heart whispers
the syllables of her name,
a poem with the raindrops soaking
the earth to her bones.


A moment’s silence…
catching my breath
on the dew of her lips


Through the rubble
a butterfly flutters
following your scent


The wind at night
breezed through her hair
stroking her bare neck,
and suddenly she felt
welling up in her being
the kiss forged
with her very flesh.


Flower skin soul…
with a soft desire
I yearn to touch her,
in my blood ferment
the nectar of her core.


In a world of strangers,
of hollow hearts and stuffed men,
in the lonely crowd
their eyes met
in an instant that bore
eternity in their souls.


She is nature embodied; between heaven and earth everything is a metaphor approximating her being, her ineffable aura, her light and breath.

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