Free Verse # 327 (your breath is all there is in me)

Night so still
the candle’s flame
whispers in warm sighs


Come into me,
be a fragrant whisper
be a raging storm;
be a candle flame
be a furious fire;
come into me,
and inside be all.


I open and fill with your breath.
Your breath is all there is in me.


Between us
this silence is all there is,
and all words that flow
are like ripples in its water,
clouds in its sky.
This silence is our home.


Into the night I follow you,
into its thick darkness,
its bitter sorrow;
at dawn we rise together
a new song embracing
the whole sky.


Behold the sun and moon
Their dance sets in motion
The seasons to a perfect rhyme;
So your love and mine.

Perfect in its imperfections; beautiful in its flaws. Mutual acceptance; eternal growth. A kiss unto death, and more.


My heart is crushed
on the altar of the night;
its blood flows in hot rivers
aching for the (in)sanity
of your touch.


She sleeps
and I whisper
my heart into her dreams,
its beats in their sky
stars guiding her
to the garden set
for us at the edge of time.


I held my heart out to her…
a ripe fig on the branch
and a late summer bird
arriving from a long journey.


Ripening against your neck…
the kisses I once planted
now blossoming stars


Silence is an answer too;
pushing this thorn into my heart
and flying into the blue.


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