Free Verse # 329 (plucked from your ribs)

Ending the workday…
reading poetry as I sip
the light of her face


On vaporous wisps
of tea and coffee
between us
an ocean grows


In each breath
feel me opening you,
spreading your heartbeats
as a flower’s petals,
your mystic core radiating
a sky of impossible colours.


Grazing her skin…
each kiss with religious fervor
splashing a puddle of fire
and expanding inside,
trickling to her womb,
between her thighs


Coaxing her pearl
to moisten my poem,
each flick of a tongue
with burning insistence
invoking her musk
to spill in rivers.


Her hair is a river
longer than the night


Cendres et miel…
au bout de ses lèvres
le feu des poèmes


Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown

Her skin
in the night wind
a script of ache
kissing each breeze
into a ribbon
meandering the sky
searching for home


Uneternal Sleep by Geo Arcus
Uneternal Sleep by Geo Arcus

At dawn a feather
plucked from your ribs
from the dewed ether
glides into my soul
and I sigh knowing
that you exist


She likes to disappear
and not even the wind knows
where her footsteps fall

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