Free Verse # 332 (on the sidewalks of the night)

Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown

Writing her skin
in endless streams
as her veins turn,
highways of stars,
streets where lovers
join and meet.



Envisioning her womb,
the timeless mandala
where the seasons turn,
the timeless wheel of life
dancing its dance.


Poetry came to me,
fangs injecting her perfume
into my veins,
reducing me to a bonfire
of metaphors and dreams,
a song bearing her name.


Between her eyes
my kiss planting
the heart of poetry


the sun at dusk
glimpses you
and mesmerized
is frozen looking at you
forgetting to bring the dawn
into some other place…


Her skin at dawn
a garden wet
with honey dew
and my tongue a flame
licking each drop back
to the source…
her starry areolas,
her well deep down.


Everywhere I go
I feel the heat of your breath
yet you I find nowhere
and it’s tearing me,
driving me mad.


Crepuscular glow
when her breath basks
the world in silence


Bury my breaths
seeds in your skin
and feel me grow
a forest within


On the sidewalks of the night
I wait for you,
my heart in my hand
a jasmine wreath,
a burning candle,
a poem waiting
to be written by you.


Leafing through her skin
each page a field of poppies
pouring velvet wine


On night’s altar
our mashed bodies
a sea of stars


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